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8 february 2013

LLP «Pipe-Plast»

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8 february 2013

BASF expands capacity for cyclohexane oxidation


5 february 2013

SIBUR and GAZPROM agree a long-term supply contract for hydrocarbon feedstock to petrochemical plants.


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LLP «Pipe-Plast» is engaged in comprehensive supply of polyethylene pipes made of high density, low pressure polyethylene (HDPE), of the PE80 and РЕ100 types. The pipes are produced from the best raw material of major European producers. Maximum pressure – 16 atmospheres at a temperature of 20°, with a diameter of 32 to1200 mm. Guaranteed useable life – 50 years. The quality of all products is confirmed by laboratory testing and, if requested by client, a certificate of conformity can be provided.

All products meet International ISO standards introduced in Kazakhstan by registration method – ISO 4427 (GOST 18599-2001) – Polyethylene Pipes for water supply.

The basic properties of polyethylene pipes

  • High durability and rigidity allows pipes to maintain internal pressure to 16 atm. and external soil pressure.
  • Resistance to chemical actions of aggressive soil and chemical substances
  • High operational properties in severe environmental conditions (from -45º up to 40º C)
  • Thanks to the low modulus of elasticity of the material, the maximum value of the dynamic pressure decreases during hydraulic shock to an acceptable 1,5 – 2 brief multiples of the values of the working pressure
  • Сhemical and biological formations on the internal surface of pipes during the entire period of operation are excluded
  • Absence of necessity for external insulation of pipelines from corrosion and development of electrochemical protection
  • Usage of electro coupling fittings makes eases installation in tight conditions
  • Decrease in hydro losses when uses Polyethylene pipes, as opposed to using pipes from classical material, reduces working costs and increases throughput of the pipeline.
  • Minimum probability of destruction of the pipeline at the freezing point of a transported product
  • Density of Polyethylene pipes is more than 8 times lower than steel density
  • Durability of welded pipe seams and fitting connections exceed durability of pipes
  • Possibility for delivery in bundles for pipes in diameter up to 110 mm, inclusive.
  • Such properties as flexibility, rigidity, easy weight and high shock durability facilitate installation, reduce expenses, provide for narrower trenches for laying and provide for a reduced quantity of expensive fittings.
  • Calculated term of operation of polyethylene pipelines is 50 years